Rho Chapter House Info

The majestic Rho Chapter house was located at 4 Maiden Ln (until 2010), across from the NCSU Bell Tower.
This is not however the first Rho Chapter House, or even the first time it has been at 4 Maiden Ln.
Past houses have included :

Woodburn Ln. 1944, given up due to WWII draft
4 Maiden Ln. Shared with PKA around 1947
No House 1969? to 1984
2707 Vanderbilt Ave. 1984 to 1986
4 Maiden Ln. 1986 to Dec. 1992
4200 Western Blvd. Dec. 1992 to Dec. 1995
No House 1996
4 Maiden Ln. 1997 to Jul. 2010
Homeless Aug. 2010 to Present

For more a general history of the Chapter please see our Wiki!
NOTE: The 4 Maiden Lane house was previously managed by the Housing Corporation.

Maiden Lane Historic Distric
Raleigh Comprehensive Architectural Survey (Mentions 4 Maiden Ln.)
House Tax Information
Wake Co. Info : 4 Maiden Ln.
Wake Co. Info : 4200 Western Blvd.
Wake Co. Info : 2707 Vanderbilt Ave.

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